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About us



With over 15 years experience in suspended particle and air filtration technology, we are industry pioneers and in August 2005 founded AFC Air Filtration & Containment GmbH.

We are already among the experts when it comes to cleanable HEPA filtration and containment solutions, and we set new standards to avoid contamination. The systems developed by us go beyond the legal requirements. When comparing different solutions, the focus is always on the specific requirements and needs of the customer.






We offer custom-made concept solutions and are your reliable partner from the design report to dust collection, dimensioning of pipes, fans and filter systems to installation and launch of the systems; it's your way towards a clean future.

You can expect:

  • client-specific concept solutions
  • containment filter systems
  • engineering services and plant engineering from one source
  • standard systems and maximum flexibility for special and tailored solutions
  • Specialist service
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